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We’re now safe from terrorists and human rights violations

The feds have finally protected our borders.  Thousands of people have been approached for identification which resulted in their arrest for being in the U.S. illegally.  On television tonight one saw the cuffs going on and the paddy-wagon being loaded.

Meanwhile, human rights violations are being purged.

Only a few problems with this scenario.  The illegal immigrants are being caught at the Canadian border with the U.S. while the human rights violations are those imagined by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (who’s reported it to the United Nations) in the sovereign State of Arizona where the State is trying to stop the dangerous illegal immigrants crossing from the border with Mexico — where the feds won’t do it!  I guess they’re too busy protecting us from French Canadians.  Good thing. French is harder to learn than is Spanish.

Speaking of the border with Mexico. Remember the mass grave with 72 bodies found? Of 31 who had initially been identified, NONE were from Mexico. They weren’t from Canada either. Try Guatemala, Honduras, and other countries.

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