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Forrest Gump on two wheels

Call me crazy if you wish, but first answer this.  When does 3 or 4 become 21? Easy. When via email several groups of bicyclists get cross-pollinated and the word spreads, then by 7am on a Saturday morning, 21 riders show up. What a herd that was with riders all the way from me on a bike barely a month up to triathletes who just blew us away. My partner in pedaling Don has already blogged the details so I’ll be more brief than usual (yes, I CAN be brief!).

The route was Marble Falls to the Burnet area via Mormon Mill Road a/k/a CR340, then back on CR330 and CR335 into Mormon Mill Road again and return to beginning. The highest single day I had done previously was 18 miles so the 32.3 miles was scary to think about but turned out to be quite enjoyable. The return was really a downhill run for the most part as shown on this profile:

Click for larger image

The elevation peaks where CR330 branches westward on CR335 and while there are some gentle climbs along the way, it’s mostly downhill until … The Hill. If you’ve ever driven out Mormon Mill Road you know exactly where it is!

On the return trip only a couple of miles before The Hill, we were making nice progress up a modest hill at, I thought, a decent pace when a group blew by us on the climb. Hmmm, odd, it was Keith, Mario, Denise, and I’m not sure who else and why are they just now catching up to us?  Keith came around me, reached out with one hand while climbing, slapped me on the shoulder and shouted “way to go judge” and pedaled onward.

We all wound up at the starting point and discovered why they were just then “catching up” to us … they were finishing 47 miles (to our 32) and in a sense had “lapped” us. Fine riders they are.

The stats, always the stats:

  • Mileage:  32.3
  • Avg. speed:  12.5 mph moving (overall 10.9)
  • Heart rate avg/max:  125/173
  • Total time: 2:58
  • Calories burned:  1946

OK, call me crazy, but I’m hooked on this cycling.  Gotta keep going.

3 thoughts on “Forrest Gump on two wheels

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  2. Gil Jones

    I understand the weight difference, BUT I sure think that getting some lower gears will make a huge difference. It’ll be interesting to see.

    I’m good for that 83 mile ride in the right weather and with appropriate stops. You poke on Jack Ed and Eric!

  3. donbynum

    Gil, It will continue to get easier as your body becomes used to sustained power output. Look at the contrast in our numbers on avg HR (yours 125/mine 116) and calories burned (yours 1946/mine 1570)… on the same ride, starting and finishing together. And I was hauling 35 pounds, or so, of extra me in my “saddle bags”!

    You have come a long way in a short time. Keep it up!

    I really want to do the 83 mile loop around RR2323-US87-RR152 through Castell before the end of the year and Peggy is not smiling about me doing it by myself. Lets drag some other geezers along! Maybe Jack Ed and Eric could get into shape and join us.

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