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More apologies & reparations from Obama re: Hiroshima?

At least I’m guessing reparations will be suggested following the “unsaid apology” described in this news article.

The son of the U.S. Air Force pilot who dropped the first atomic bomb in the history of warfare says the Obama administration’s decision to send a U.S. delegation to a ceremony in Japan to mark the 65th anniversary of the attack on Hiroshima is an “unsaid apology” and appears to be an attempt to “rewrite history.”

via – Son of Pilot Who Dropped A-Bomb Opposes Plan to Send U.S. Delegation to Hiroshima Ceremony.

Yes, dropping an atomic bomb was a horrifically drastic thing to do. But you have to put it in context of the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor and the vicious actions of Japan during the war.  I agree with those who proclaim that but for the two bombs, the war would have continued for a long time with far more lives lost on both sides.

I have a context, as I was scarcely a year old at the time, and 24 years later, while serving in the U.S. Navy, visited the museum at ground zero in Nagasaki, the site of the second bomb — a sobering place.  My father was in the Army at the time, overseas, at the time of the bombing. Thus I’ve had the opportunity to look at this issue “up close and personal.”

Hopefully, an apology, spoken or implied, is not what this trip is about.  If it’s not, the administration needs to crank up the PR machine and tell us that. If it is, shame on them!

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