Month: August 2010

We’re now safe from terrorists and human rights violations

The feds have finally protected our borders.  Thousands of people have been approached for identification which resulted in their arrest for being in the U.S. illegally.  On television tonight one saw the cuffs going on and the paddy-wagon being loaded. Meanwhile, human rights violations are being purged. Only a few problems with this scenario.  The illegal immigrants are being caught at the Canadian border with the U.S. while the human rights violations are those imagined by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (who’s reported it to the United Nations) in the sovereign State of Arizona where the State is trying to stop the dangerous illegal immigrants crossing from the border with Mexico — where the feds won’t do it!  I guess they’re too busy protecting us from French Canadians.  Good thing. French is harder to learn than is Spanish. Speaking of the border with Mexico. Remember the mass grave with 72 bodies found? Of 31 who had initially been identified, NONE were from Mexico. They weren’t from Canada either. Try Guatemala, Honduras, and other countries. Like this:Like...

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How your Facebook friends can know WHERE you’re doing what you should not be doing ….

So, everyone’s excited about the new Facebook Places, right? The Facebook service that lets you check-in, Foursquare style, at whatever hip Sushi bar/bicycle repair shop you happen to be in. Oh, and also other people can check you in, too. via The First Thing You Should Do With Facebook Places: Don’t Let Other People Tag You. This is a “must read” sort of article. Ignore at your own peril. Like this:Like...

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Forrest Gump on two wheels

Call me crazy if you wish, but first answer this.  When does 3 or 4 become 21? Easy. When via email several groups of bicyclists get cross-pollinated and the word spreads, then by 7am on a Saturday morning, 21 riders show up. What a herd that was with riders all the way from me on a bike barely a month up to triathletes who just blew us away. My partner in pedaling Don has already blogged the details so I’ll be more brief than usual (yes, I CAN be brief!). The route was Marble Falls to the Burnet area via Mormon Mill Road a/k/a CR340, then back on CR330 and CR335 into Mormon Mill Road again and return to beginning. The highest single day I had done previously was 18 miles so the 32.3 miles was scary to think about but turned out to be quite enjoyable. The return was really a downhill run for the most part as shown on this profile: The elevation peaks where CR330 branches westward on CR335 and while there are some gentle climbs along the way, it’s mostly downhill until … The Hill. If you’ve ever driven out Mormon Mill Road you know exactly where it is! On the return trip only a couple of miles before The Hill, we were making nice progress up a modest hill at, I thought, a decent...

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Thanks, Lady Bird

On the way to church it hit me:  I could take Jennifer to Austin to her “girl party” and take the bike down to the trails along Lady Bird Lake a/k/a Town Lake and Zilker Park. So I raced home from church (gotta admit I ducked right after communion), jumped into my riding togs, attached the bike rack to the trusty Chevy Avalanche and strapped on the Peugeot Triathlon steed for yet another 2-wheeled adventure. “Lady Bird” refers, of course, to Lady Bird Johnson. I parked at the West Riverside Drive lot near the Zachary Scott Theater and jumped onto the trail. It is mostly fine gravel and not at all “squirrelly” under the narrow road tires. Still, I would have preferred a mountain bike for its wider tire and surer footing. In places the trail has concrete sections and bridges over gulleys, and in several places crosses Barton Creek. In fact, at one point I got disoriented due to having set my GPS to show the track as “up” instead of North being “up” and was going West when I should have been going East. Fortunately I had marked my starting point on the Garmin Oregon GPS — a habit from hiking. I was excited to get on this trail. It was there, in part, when I last lived in Austin (circa 1975) but has since been extensively...

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What do these people think of our country?

I’m trying to quit posting provocative stuff, really, but here is something to think about.The following came from an email. No, I’ve not “snoped” it as is my custom but there is every indication that they are genuine photos. The initial commentary is that of the forwarder. Pics from Rally in Phoenix 7/31/10 If anyone has any doubts about what these illegals think of us and our country, check out these pictures taken by an acquaintance of mine who went to the rally in Phoenix Saturday 7/31/10 in response to SB 1070.  The illegals had written all over the AZ and US Flags, laid them on the ground, and were walking on them! Another acquaintance had this to say: “I shared those pics with my friend who is a cop/detective. I asked him why nobody was punished for desecrating our flags…his response….. In response to your question about the legality of Desecration of the American Flag, you are correct, this is illegal. However, it is a crime with the Federal Government. Meaning the Feds will have to prosecute for the crime and considering they will not prosecute for illegal trespassing into the Country, what makes you think they will prosecute anyone for spray painting and walking on an American flag?????” NOTE: That is the end of the forwarded remarks. The following are mine. Under our constitutional republic I have to...

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