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Baseball missed the pitch

In the recent baseball game where pitcher Armando Galarraga was cheated of a perfect game due to a blown call (YouTube video here), the baseball commissioner had a chance to “do what’s right” … and he blew it.  In his own bottom of the 9th, Bud Selig missed the pitch. He didn’t strike, didn’t take a ball, wasn’t even at the plate as the pitch came to him.

There is much discussion about resisting instant replay in baseball but that begs the question. Firstly, there could be limited replays, certainly not including a review of balls and strikes. But it would be feasible to allow limited review of events such as this.

Secondly, this was an extraordinary event and without creating a precedence and without moving to instituting instant replays, Selig could have simply repaired the record. But he didn’t … he struck out without even stepping up to the plate.  Shame on him. I’m a very casual fan of this national sport of ours, not a fanatic, but I know what’s right. This isn’t.

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