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Haiti earthquake related links

International interest in the earthquake in Haiti is great. Information is coming from many sources. Here are some web links to places I’ve found including some live coverage. Comments with additional links are welcome.  This page will be updated as I find more sites …

Health & welfare inquiry sites

Salvation Army health & welfare request form — fill out to make an inquiry

International Red Cross “Family Links” page — also use to find people

U.S. Dept. of State Haiti website

News and information

A WordPress blog with many good links

Salvation Army in Haiti — includes a donation link

Fox News “How to Help” story — links to many organizations

Milcom Monitoring Post — an interesting blog that includes military news info on the Haiti situation

Twitter search for Haiti related Twits or Another search on Twitter Here is a combo search of those two

Satellite Photos of Haiti Before and After Earthquake: Google and GeoEye have released new satellite photos of Haiti

Live info and listening

Internet streaming broadcast from Haiti

Live amateur radio emergency net monitoring — listen to the SATERN EmComm frequency that is active at the moment (frequencies vary with propagation changes during the day/night and over time).

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network — includes many links

International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) — Emergency communications page with situation reports

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition — sometimes has streaming on the web of live communications.

Texas Department of Emergency Management “SitRep” page — includes Haiti-related reports

(for hams only) Echolink home page

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