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When all else fails … amateur radio works

Amateur “ham” radio — it’s a great hobby.

Have You Always Been Interested in Ham Radio but didn’t Want to Learn Morse Code or Spend Weeks in a Classroom…?

Want to enjoy a hobby blending world-wide communications with the modern digital computer age? Interested in a hobby enjoyed by all ages in which you can also perform a public service? Like to build or tinker with “stuff?” Then ham radio is for you. (More info at

Get your amateur radio license in one weekend for $15!

March 26, 27, and 28, 2010

The Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club (HLARC) is Holding a Ham Radio Class in a Time-Compressed Format.  Full details in the flyer. Click on the following link:

Ham radio class March 26, 2010 — the “Ham Slam”

The only cost is the FCC exam fee of $15 plus the book (info in the flyer) if you buy one, and the club has books available for a voluntary donation.

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