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New thoughts about computing

For those of you who remember my being labeled as far back as 1997 as “The Electronic Judge” you’ll be shocked at this. But it’s true — I’m thinking about a massive paradigm shift in my own methodology to add a netbook to my life in addition to my high-end notebook and possibly eventually, in lieu of a smartphone. If I go that far, then the idea is this:

  • The notebook becomes more like a desktop machine from the “olden days” yet still is portable.
  • The netbook becomes more like the notebook, especially given the increasing amount of cloud-computing. I would move my Verizon broadband account to the netbook — preferably one with the broadband built in.
  • All of the mobile apps now on the smartphone are migrated to the netbook instead. On the smartphone they’re all a compromise anyway.
  • And the phone is once again, a phone!

I don’t really have the need for getting emails instantly and constantly on my phone. The BlackBerry has been a fun and interesting experiment but I’m not sure it’s done what I thought it might. It seems to me that as long as you don’t need the instant email, having it portably anywhere you sit down for a minute and pop out the netbook is sufficient. And I have a GPS, a small digital camera and a digital SLR so why do I need a GPS or camera in my phone?

Which leads me to ask two questions: One, what’s wrong with that approach?
And two, what machines should I be considering? And I’ve recently seen a Toshiba with a 1″ screen that was not a netbook as such but just a really small notebook — kinda retro from whence notebooks originated! I’m thinking of some particular needs:

  • Windows 7 — XP’s legs will be cut off soon.
  • 250GB drive minimum
  • 2GB memory minimum — aren’t there some with 3 now?
  • Touchpad — no pencil erasers for me!
  • 3 USB ports — my ham radio peripherals have demands!
  • Broadband capable — preferably built-in.
  • g if not n Wi-Fi
  • Decent battery life (5-6 real hours) but don’t necessarily need 10+ but only if it’s a real 5-6 hours with usage.

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