Month: January 2010

Hams worldwide attempting EmComms in Haiti — one team fired upon

This from the IARU-R1 site: Haiti Earthquake – Update No. 4. Sunday, 17 January 2010 12:59 The eight amateurs from Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) who were operating under the callsign HI8RCD/HH have had to abort their operations after the convoy they were travelling in was fired on. News is also being received of two new stations which it is hoped will become active soon. EB9GF, who is integrated in the Spanish Red Cross contingent, was able to contact the colleagues from the Radio Club Dominicano (RCD). The RCD has currently two VHF repeaters in use for operations: – 146.970 (-600), CTCSS 100 Hz. Placed in the Dominican Republic. Please note that the old frequency 147.970 seems to be wrong. – 145.350 (-600), CTCSS 100 Hz. New repeater active near the border with Haiti. RCD initially reported that their team crossed the Haitian border at 10:50 hours Haitian time arriving at the Dominican Embassy in Haiti at 14:29 hours when they started installing and testing their equipment. Within a few hours though, reports via the RCD Facebook page confirmed by a long telephone conversation between Hugo Ramón HI8VRS and Ramon Sanyoyo V, XE1KK reported that the HI8RCD team of eight amateurs, were back in the border town of Jimani (Dominican Republic). Their convoy, which included other non related Dominicans, was assaulted and one person reported dead. The Radio Amateurs were...

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Haiti becoming dangerous for amateur radio

I have been blogging what I observe about the possibility of amateur radio (ham) backup communication support in light of the earthquake disaster in Haiti. The worldwide ham community has been standing by ready to receive message traffic from Haiti, only to sadly learn that not only are there few hams there, but the disaster is so pervasive that the few there have not been able to be on the air much. And now it gets worse. A ham radio club group from the Dominican Republic was attempting to get repeater stations into Haiti to support the communication needs when their convoy carrying the equipment was attacked by thugs, driving them back to the DR, and killing one of the porters helping to transport the equipment. All of the amateur radio operators were reported to be safe, but they have apparently retreated to the DR. The amateur radio repeater system was to be an essential communication tool for both officials and the NGO’s in carrying out the recovery and relief effort.  I heard this report just now on the Echolink(1) conference conducted by the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC) relaying a report that was shortly to be published by the International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1 (IARU). It is a sad commentary indeed when in the face of one of the worst natural disasters of all time, volunteers...

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Interesting web links to natural disaster, ham radio news, weather

Lifted from the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition pages: DISASTER NEWS AND MANAGEMENT Reuters AlertNet Alerting humanitarians to emergencies Reuters AlertNet Interactive Map ReliefWeb Information for Humanitarian Relief Disaster Map World Disasters News Atlas The Disaster Center Information for the USA USGS Natural Hazards Support System GDACS Global Disaster Alert & Coordination Emergency Management UK Emergency Management IFRC International Federation Red Cross AMATEUR RADIO NEWS SERVICES ARRL News Amateur Radio Relay League (USA) RSGB News Radio Society of Great Britain (UK) CQ News CQ News Service QRZ New News Service from QRZ.COM eHam News News service from Google News Google News search for amateur (ham) radio emergency Raynet News Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network news EmComm Emergency Communications Forum WEATHER and NATURAL HAZARDS Stormpulse Current Atlantic activity Flooding FFWC Bangladesh Earthquake Iris Seismic Monitor Earthquake ASL DCC Telemetry Earthquake Global Report Hurricane National Hurricane Center advisories Hurricane NOAA Floaters Hurricane Mid-Atlantic Weather Station Typhoon Tropical Storm Risk Typhoon Tropical Cyclones summary Warnings World WMO Warnings Europe MeteoAlarm ONLINE WORLD RADIO AND TELEVISION vTuner Radio & TV stations on the Internet Global Tuners Online ham radio receivers Like this:Like...

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Haiti: A sampling of the real news from humanity

Caution — some of this is explicit and sad. These are excerpts of actual pleas from help gleaned from an amateur radio database (cleaned up for privacy), all since 6pm CDT Jan 15.  Some of these calls came via facebook pages.  This will tell you how grave it really is. It’ll make you want to click and donate. Just spoke with ***** by phone. There are now 100 people at his location. Approx. 50 injured personel. They are requesting Food,water, blankets and firstaid supplies. I have just got a DIRECT_satellite rapport from the Swedish TV-team at TV-News. The reporter said that the help-work is near to collapse. Almost NOTHING is done for the common poor people. The rescue stuff seems to prior the work in the rich areas There is a 60-bed medical hospital there and they have treated many patients so far but are running out of supplies, especially medical supplies. SOS SOS GOC UNIVERSITY PEOPLE ARE STILL ALIVE THERE> PLEASE SEND RESCUE TO THEM RIGHT AWAY> PLEASE HURRY! GOD BLESS ALL THE RESCUERS S.O.S.-PLEASE,PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYBODY CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH THE RELEIF ORGANIZATIONSIN HAITI AND TELL THEM ********  DESPERATELY NEEDS FOOD, WATER ANDMEDICINES. SHE HAS 110 VICTIMS AT HER HOUSE. PLEASE HURRY few people actually are still at ****** School under rubble need help ASAP …..he just called from cell ***** IS STRANDED INSIDE CARIBBEAN...

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EmComms – some reality from the Haiti experience

If you have a disaster in an area where there are few hams and those can’t operate (themselves victims, no generators or no gas for generators, batteries dying), then it doesn’t matter how many well-intended hams there are across the rest of the world. Ham radio is usually the first responder communications mode when the commercial means have failed in the initial stages of the disaster. Now, well into day three, there are many commercial facilities getting in place including mass media with satellite stations. It may turn out that ham radio emergency communications don’t have much to do for Haiti after all, but you would think that the welfare inquiries are still yet to come. With a capitol city of 2 million in ruins with many foreigners there, the inquiries are bound to flow. Like this:Like...

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