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Are our schools failing or succeeding?

But in our high schools, the National Assessment of Educational Progress data tell a troubling story, especially in light of our need to compete in a global knowledge economy.

via Margaret Spellings – Rising Scores Show Why We Can’t Retreat From ‘No Child Left Behind’ –

There is a lot to debate about ‘No Child Left Behind’ and the uniform testing requirements it and Ross Perot brought us. But really, do you think our schools are succeeding? How do you really measure that? I see scores of functional illiterates — including recent high school graduates — every day. Everywhere. Of course, maybe in my business I should just expect that.

What about the dropout rate? We see stats reporting 3% dropout rates and others that say closer to 50%, especially in some ethnic groups. Depends on how you measure it, right? Can there be success declared with dropout rates like that? Of course not.

Ever watch Jay Leno’s “man on the street” segment? Nuff sed.

What to do?

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