Month: March 2009

Ronald Reagan Speech on Behalf of Goldwater 1964

Ronald Reagan Address on Behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater Rendezvous with Destiny October 27, 1964 On the evening of 27 October 1964, Ronald Reagan delivered a nation-wide paid political telecast on behalf of the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater. His presentation was so forceful and engaging that Reagan, hitherto little considered a political figure, became overnight a political force in the Republican party. Although Goldwater lost to Lyndon Johnson in an landslide and Richard Nixon captured the nomination – and the presidency – in 1968, Reagan’s reputation was firmly established and he recovered the fortunes of the Republican party with his victory in the presidential election of 1980. Via: (accessed 3/31/2009) The text is at this link. But you really need to listen to the audio which you can do by clicking here and either download or open the mp3 file for listening. OR, get the video by clicking here. Reagan’s delivery of this speech is as powerful as any he ever gave, is full of facts, and makes it so very clear that socialist forces were at work as early as 1964 and before. He quotes many instances of government leaders, primarily in Congress and high Cabinet positions, extolling the virtues of what the government can do for (read as “to”) the “masses.”  Lenin, Stalin and Hitler had “masses.”  America has individual people who have the freedom,...

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Pedal Power Wildflower Ride for Advocacy Center

The 10th annual Pedal Power Wildflower Ride — a fund-raiser for the Hill Country Childrens’ Advocacy Center — is on for April 4.  Looking for some more motorcycle SAG/support escorts. There are waypoint/route files available for your GPS if you wish to help.  Click for Garmin .gdb format or Garmin .mps format. Generic .gpx format here.  The details on what we do is as follows: Here is the HCCAC website on the ride: Directions and route maps: Click on this link for a Google Maps display centered on the parking lot of the start area. What we do: We’ll divide up the routes (the bicycles ride 12/23/36/62 mile routes and patrol our assigned areas looking for anyone who is broken down, exhausted or injured. We have handheld repeater radios from the LCRA and have good contact to vehicles with repair tools and ability to haul someone and their bike back to the start area. Most of us will be done around noon. I’ll need a couple to commit to about 2pm or so to make final sweeps of each route to make sure everyone is off the course. There are breakfast goodies and spaghetti for lunch. If you’ve ridden before and took your yellow “caution” overshirt home, bring it. What you need to do upon arrival: Arrive at the start area by 8:30 gassed and ready to...

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North Platte, Nebraska — a place in WWII history

I am a proud son of the Greatest Generation — those people who endured and brought us out of World War II and into prosperity as truly the greatest nation the world has ever known. My father, like the parents of most of my friends, served in WW2 and there can be no doubt that these were great people for they endured hardship in battle yet came home — the lucky ones did — to work and prosper and, amazingly, never did they complain! They just worked and had an ethical structure that they tried to pass on to their children. I think it stuck to me, mostly, and I’m thankful for it. But then there’s North Platte, Nebraska. What about that? The folks there took up a cause to support soldiers and sailors just like my father, and boy did they ever do it up right. I had never heard of North Platte before, at least not in this light, and the story is truly amazing. The YouTube video follows below and you really need to spend the 7 minutes it will take from your busy day. And when you’re done, thank a solder, a sailor, an airman or marine.  Now grab a tissue, pull up a chair, and click ‘play.’ Like this:Like...

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Power Line – Is the stimulus bill unconstitutional?

As the top 2% makes less money, which is now occurring, then the 80% slice of tax generation will decline. What would be done then — raise taxes? A bit of math will demonstrate that once the top tier is earning substantially less income, then even at a 100% tax rate the federal budget will not be funded. Exactly where that cross-over point is, I don’t claim to know. But what I do know is that we’re headed that direction — a direction which is a recipe for disaster.

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Coming unhinged with a Vista in my future

It was an ordinary day as I prepared to do some research when I opened the lid to my trusty HP laptop, a zv6170us model running Windows XP and an 80% full 100gig hard drive. Plug it in, lift the lid, when … “pop” and I knew instantly that the remaining good hinge on the display/lid had failed. This was quickly confirmed by the lid which now flopped in my hand like a wet noodle! After an unhappy chat with HP support yielding a repair cost that was unjustifiable I commenced checking many online review sites and the latest post-crash sales of high-end laptops. Oh, the credit line on my credit card was also checked 😉 and soon the new Dell XPS M1530 was on order — but it has Windows Vista on it — and the word on the “street” about Vista is not good.  Not only do I have to reinstall about 100 application programs, but I have to do it on a new operating system to boot. My fear and trepidation about that was not totally unfounded but Vista is not as bad as you read in some reviews. For a new or basic user it’s probably more user-friendly, but for an advanced user accustomed to where to find various settings and tweaks on XP, it’s awful! So here I sit on a Saturday morning, glad...

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