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grandmas loft is spinning — amazing photo

This is a photo I found on Flickr. It’s worth going to the larger image on Flickr (click the photo) and view it.  I enjoy browsing photography sites and seeing what others are doing. I can always learn something in addition to just admiring good work. This shot is an example of “HDR” photography which is explained in more detail here:

High dynamic range (HDR) images enable photographers to record a greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo. This opens up a whole new set of lighting possibilities which one might have previously avoided—for purely technical reasons. The new “merge to HDR” feature of Photoshop CS2 allows the photographer to combine a series of bracketed exposures into a single image which encompasses the tonal detail of the entire series.
Source: (accessed 2/8/09)

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