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Squashed Philosophers

THE books which defined the way The West thinks now…
In their own words… but condensed and abridged into something like readable

Interesting website. Has the squashed philosophers, but also the Divines and Writers. Here is his ‘about’ description:

his site wrote:

Students – Are these Squashed versions really all I need to pass exams?
Squashed Philosophers, probably. Philosophers are generally appallingly bad writers and you’re after ideas, not precise words. Squashed Divines is very useful in getting a good overview of a text, but for pernickety exegeses, you’ll have to fight through the originals, though the Squashed ones will be a handy guide. Squashed Writers is good for overview, as an introduction or a reminder, but, if you’re doing literature you probably need to read the originals too.How to learn very fast.
If I can Squash-up the famous research into reading and memorizing by Hermann Ebbinghaus…
1. Read your Squashed text, all the way through at one go. Don’t stop. Don’t go back and re-read. If you can’t follow something, just carry straight on. Best to do it on paper, not from a computer screen, so print-out the page or buy the print version, in which you have my permission to write notes.
2. Two or three days later, do what background work you think you need. Read, or at least skip through, a few books about-the-book. Read the original. If you make notes, make them on the Squashed text.
3. A few days later, read the Squashed text straight through again.
4. A few days before you need to remember, read the Squashed version, straight through, out loud.

Who’s done all this splendid Squashing?
I, Glyn Hughes, am the general editor, and take responsibility for Squashing most of the Philosophers, Divines and 20th century Writers. Many of the 18th and 19th century ‘Squashed Writers’ are based on abridged versions edited either by Arthur Mee or John Hammerton in the early years of the 20th century.

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