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Part of the “why” is to simplify

I’ve had a blog on a Content Management System site for a long while, at It’s based on Drupal which is a fine system, but I’m maintaining too many sites and finding the posting there to be a bit complex … the price of power.

So suddenly (for a host of reasons) I’m into simplifying my life and maybe this is a way and place to start. It’s easy to post from my BlackBerry, including photo uploads and easy to blog off of photos in Flickr. Speaking now of WordPress, it has a mobile site that work’s pretty well.  then from Flickr, even while mobile, hopefully the blogging ability is there from a photo. That ability for cross-pollination is good. And the lack of maintenance is also good.

That was originally written while testing Blogger. Unfortunately, WP does not permit posting via email but overall I like it better so we give up that.

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