Month: January 2009

Buy or foreclose — that is the question

Implicit in buying up the bad loans from banks is that the borrowers skate. It’s impossible to think that the entity buying the loans will then foreclose, they’ll just do workouts. If anything at all. It’s possible the loans will just sit in a dormant portfolio locked away in a Washington hole somewhere. What about the borrowers? This entire “subprime loan crisis” has ignored the fact that many people took out loans who surely knew they could not afford them. Come on, can we believe that masses of people were totally duped by unscrupulous lended goaded on by an unscrupulous congressional policy? Certainly, some fall into that category. But do we treat that entire population as a victim and ignore their own responsibility? Personal responsibility has to surface again in this country, somewhere, sometime, somehow. If we continue on the path we’re on, it’s the “handout path to to societal armageddon.” Yeah, I just made up that phrase. It’s NOT the “economy stupid.” It’s the wrecking of all of our traditional (and previously highly successful) values in American society that the victimology/entitlement approach of government is causing. And letting subprime borrowers, as an entire class, skate is another example. Like this:Like...

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The stimulus that isn’t

Pay attention folks. While the pork is not in the form of classic “earmarks” it’s still pork. It’s one thing that the so-called “stimulus” bill is laden with pork, it’s quite another that it’s being marketed so dishonestly. Let’s look at it.

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Testing ElephantDrive for online backups

(update 2/21/09) Canceled my ElephantDrive account. See my comment below for a brief explanation. Nice folks, some good concepts, but not fully ready for primetime. Have gone with MyOtherDrive (testing blog here) and will be canceling Mozy by month-end. (update 2/11/09 — see my comment about repeat uploads — posted as a comment to the blog entry — and not getting support feedback had a support email later in the day … dialogue begun) (update 2/4/09) ElephantDrive finished the initial upload. Still no clue why it took so long, but it is trucking along very unobtrusively now. Not near the impact on the computer as Mozy had while it is checking for modifications or doing actual updates. Things I find now to be remarkable: Minimal impact on the computer. Works nicely in the background. Easy to drag and drop a file from computer to “My Trunk” online — use if there is a file that is not part of the normal backups, but you want it online. Easy to share a file – just highlight in My Trunk view and click SHARE button. However – there is no public share. Sharee (is that a word) has to have an ED account. My guess is the free account will do. Still not convinced the STOP button really works, or works all the time. The error reports are still quite cryptic...

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personal emergency beacon — SPOT, PLB

Very interesting device. Uses a commercial satellite system to read your GPS position, then relay it to family or friends with either just an “I’m OK check-in” to a request for help to a 911 alert. A caveat and disclaimer. I know nothing about this device or its service yet. Check this Amazon 1-star rating from an emergency rescue person. SPOT KEEPS FISHERMEN OF ALL KINDS CONNECTED, SAFE, AND ADVENTUROUS Whether you’re casting for cutthroat on the Snake River, fighting a swordfish on the Mediterranean, or outwaiting pike on the distant Maine ice, you’re never out of communications range with Spot. There are many ways to stay connected with ease. Send a message to loved ones that you’re OK with just a push of a button while you’re waiting for the next bite. Save your location to record the best areas for your next angling adventure. You can send your exact location and a request for help to friends and family or even send a 911 message to get emergency help right away. And because Spot uses satellite technology, your signal is strong worldwide. via FISHERMEN. Then see this page on personal emergency beacons that use the Air Force operated 406Mhz service. Lots of info on items such as the McMurdo FasfFind Max G PLB 406 EPIRB with GPS: FASTFIND MAX-G PLB 85-890-001A The Fastfind Max G Personal Location...

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A great day fishing …

… even if a day fishing is bad, it’s better than a good day in the office.  But if the day fishing is great … WhooHoo! Robert and I met his friend Bruce at Sweetie’s donut shop in Sattler with anticipation of a day attacking trout on the Guadalupe River. Bruce is a most affable fella, as is Robert, and they were a lot of help to me in this fly-fishing adventure. You see, I had not touched a fly rod in 35+ years. Trout had been stocked in the Guadalupe just last week so we knew fish were there … but would we catch any? We got all rigged up at one of the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited sites and began to fish. Well, sort of (on my part). I initially was really whipping that rod back and forth throwing all the shoulder into it I could muster. Had that fly not been inert it would have been wanting off of that line! With some good coaching by Bruce I began to get the hang of this and through the day came to feel pretty comfortable with it all. Bruce caught the first fish, a really (really!) nice one: and not too much later I managed to catch a nice fish, although not near the monster Bruce had. This is my first fish of the day: and I...

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