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The journey — a short film

Here is a truly amazing video which I stumbled across on a site that is totally new to me. Here’s the official description of this video:

To learn about this thing called life, Eric Saperston traveled the country in a VW bus, meeting people — some of whom you’ve heard of, some you haven’t — who positively affect the lives of those around them. This short film has been expanded into a popular feature that is now available on DVD.

He interviews an amazing array of people while travelling in the VW bus and tent-camping, including Jerry Garcia, Ann Richards, Billy Crystal, Pres. Jimmy Carter, the CEO of Coca Cola, and many more. Filmed as a journey his life — inwardly and emotionally — you might find it a journey for you as well.

Go to Saperston’s site to see the film, and read all about him. Most interesting.

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