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Northeastern Burnet County

We had a good ride today with J.R., Vance, Tom and Norm. We went East on 1431 to Cow Creek Road, up the road to Oatmeal, thru the boonies into the SE side of Burnet, then 963 to Oakalla, 221 and 116 thru Copperas Cove and up to 580, then back down to Lampasas and home.  I then went to REI to pick up my shipment of wicking underwear Smile which Vance thought was funny, but I think he was actually wishing he had some by the time we got back as the temperature was beginning to rise.

We stopped at a creek crossing on Cow Creek Road DSCN0277.JPG — you DID know there was a creek on Cow Creek Road, right! Always have to find a photo-op.

The actual route is shown in two pieces in the PDF files listed in the attachments.

I had seen the turn to Cow Creek Road many, many times but this was my first time down it. The surface is not too good, but the ride is gorgeous, along the creek which runs in a solid limestone bed.  A lot of it is lined with cottonwood trees and often a high bluff towers over the creek and roadway, providing hiding places for the indians that no doubt once occupied the area.

Moving on northward, we went out 963 to Oakalla , north just a tad on 2657 and then right on 221. Much of the route into Oakalla and then onward on 221 is canopied with overhanging trees providing a much-needed relief from the otherwise relentless of the sun.

Total trip from home was 167 miles. Back at Java Bean we enjoyed a frappacino — I had mine with mocha for a much needed blast.

Then the fun came as I headed to Austin. Hot. Very hot. Did stop by Lone Star BMW and they graciously worked me in for a new front tire which was necessary before any more serious tripping. But did I mention it was hot?

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