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First ride of 2006

e started off 2006 correctly!  Robert, Gilbert, Larry and I did a short 140 miles down through Sandy, an interesting Blanco County 205 (including 3 miles of unpaved) road to Blanco, then 1623 to 1888 and up to Luckenbach. Here we are on the porch of the post office/saloon:
There was some local talent pickin’ and grinnin’ and we enjoyed sitting around and hearing some of the music.  Unfortunately we were a little late in the day and could not stay long.

Getting there was not easy.  The fuel tank on Gilbert’s Kawasaki kept spitting up — spraying him with gas.  After probing the vent line with some electrical wire from my trusty maintenance stash, some dirt-dobber nesting was removed and alas, no flaming Gilbert.

Larry was riding one of Mike Atkinson’s spares from his stable and then he and Robert switched and Vogey became a Harley rider for the day. Larry had been off of bikes for a while but quickly got his sea-legs back and we enjoyed a variety of roads — including the unpaved piece which tested everyone a bit.

The weather was awesome, setting yet another record high for December. Well into the 80’s it was.  Mostly sunny all day.

Happy New Year from the Cap’n ‘n Jen.

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