Month: January 2006

Pericles’ Funeral Oration

The funeral oration of Pericles after the first year of the war between Athens and Sparta is an eloquent celebration of democracy and a ay of life that in many ways is much as our own in modern day America.  He celebrates the greatness of the Athenians and the the patriotism of the warriors. Whether one cares, or not, about the Athenians this piece of oratory is powerful, and interesting in any event. For more, see “World Civilizations” a Washington University online course, (Accessed 12 Jan 2006). Pericles wrote: Most of those who have spoken here before me have commended the lawgiver who added this oration to our other funeral customs. It seemed to them a worthy thing that such an honor should be given at their burial to the dead who have fallen on the field of battle. But I should have preferred that, when men’s deeds have been brave, they should be honored in deed only, and with such an honor as this public funeral, which you are now witnessing. Then the reputation of many would not have been imperiled on the eloquence or want of eloquence of one, and their virtues believed or not as he spoke well or ill. For it is difficult to say neither too little nor too much; and even moderation is apt not to give the impression of truthfulness. The...

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First ride of 2006

e started off 2006 correctly!  Robert, Gilbert, Larry and I did a short 140 miles down through Sandy, an interesting Blanco County 205 (including 3 miles of unpaved) road to Blanco, then 1623 to 1888 and up to Luckenbach. Here we are on the porch of the post office/saloon: There was some local talent pickin’ and grinnin’ and we enjoyed sitting around and hearing some of the music.  Unfortunately we were a little late in the day and could not stay long. Getting there was not easy.  The fuel tank on Gilbert’s Kawasaki kept spitting up — spraying him with gas.  After probing the vent line with some electrical wire from my trusty maintenance stash, some dirt-dobber nesting was removed and alas, no flaming Gilbert. Larry was riding one of Mike Atkinson’s spares from his stable and then he and Robert switched and Vogey became a Harley rider for the day. Larry had been off of bikes for a while but quickly got his sea-legs back and we enjoyed a variety of roads — including the unpaved piece which tested everyone a bit. The weather was awesome, setting yet another record high for December. Well into the 80’s it was.  Mostly sunny all day. Happy New Year from the Cap’n ‘n Jen. Like this:Like...

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