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American withdrawal (from Iraq) and the insurgency — it’s not your mama’s Vietnam


American withdrawal and the insurgency – Hardball with Chris Matthews – American withdrawal and the insurgency (Rick Francona) Lt. Colonel Rick Francona MSNBC Military Analyst As the debate over the war in Iraq continues to heat up, several Congressmen, Senators and even former military officers are calling for an American troop withdrawal, claiming that the presence of U.S. forces in the country that fuels the insurgency; withdraw the troops and the insurgency will end or significantly decrease. After all, without foreign forces in the country, there is no need for an insurgency.

This piece has some nice analysis and distinction between Iraq and Vietnam as to what might happen upon withdrawal from Iraq.  The author’s conclusion is that since there is no unified opposition in Iraq, it’s certainly not our presence causing the insurgency that has become so politically troubling, and that withdrawal will foster outright civil war.

It’s a clear analysis with–in my opinion–and obviously correct conclusion.

Where does this clamor for for withdrawal come from? Pure politics, of course. How does a nation ever set a “timetable” for withdrawal?  That notion is pure folly that only a politician could offer.

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