Month: January 2005

Fallen soldiers

This comes from the ParMedia — Participatory Media site. I have this friend who sends me a bunch of stuff (you know who you are) and I just skim over a lot of it. This piece, however, I’ve read several times already. Yeah, I’m a full-fledged patriotic, hawkish kind of guy — and pround of it and of our military and my prior military service. This piece says a lot sacrifice, honor, tradition, training, and respect. You can always argue the politics and wisdom of a war and of the specific conduct of it, but that’s a totally different argument from how we should treat and appreciate our military men and women. I just wish more folks could keep the two arguments separate in their minds and in their rhetoric. Have your hanky handy, and have an American flag nearby because you’re gonna want to stand up and salute it. gil Fallen Marines by Maj. Zarnik, USAFR 20 Dec 2004 Fallen Marines November 25th, 2004 I want to share with you my most recent Air Force Reserve trip. I had decided to go back into the Air Force Reserves as a part time reservist and after 6 months of training, I have recently been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and have been fully mission qualified as an Aircraft Commander of a KC-135R strato tanker aircraft. On Friday of last week,...

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Thank a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine

(this ‘piece’ was originally written on my church website, but I thought I’d start a place to discuss it here, given the timeliness of these events). These comments are in no way intended to be political, but merely on the occasion of the successful elections in Iraq to repeat the oft-offered appreciation for those who serve in our military and other national and foreign services. I say the successful elections in Iraq because they happened. That alone is success as were the formative steps of our own country’s liberation from tyranny in the American Revolution and the march to the Declaration of Independence and a Constitution, culminating in the mightiest protector of freedom in the world. I’m watching Fox news at the moment and there is a terribly wounder soldier — horribly maimed and scarred — who is touting the success in Iraq, stating that “this is what the soldiers who have died have sacrificed for.” The news article was featuring the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes. their site wrote: Every day a  wounded veteran and their family must struggle to overcome the loss of a limb, significant burns, or even the reality of being in a wheelchair. Our mission is to help them overcome these obstacles and resume a productive and fulfilling life. I hope we will take a moment to think of, pray for, and thank those...

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