Sipapu – Bavarian mountain weekend

See for details.
This is about 30 minutes South of Taos. Great rally. Primarily BMW but other makes invited as well. A few details from their site:

The Sipapu ski area is located about 25 miles southeast of Taos on NM 518. Our rally officially begins on Friday morning and ends on Sunday. However, many attendees have been extending the rally by arriving earlier in the week. Superb camping sites are available on-site. Dorm room bunks are also available free of charge on a first come, first served basis for Friday and Saturday night. If you arrive earlier in the week or stay later you are required to pay a fee. The Sipapu ski area offers motel type accommodations for the rally that are usually booked by June. However, cancellations do occur and a call to the lodge is recommended. Other camping, cabins and motel services are located in the area. The town of Taos offers all the national chain motels.

How to own a BMW motorcycle

Ever wonder what a David Letterman Top Ten List would look like for
BMW Motorcycles? Well, here’re some thoughts which I found somewhere on
the internet.

How To Own A BMW Motorcycle

  • Annoy your mechanic with complaints about obscure sounds and sensations that only you perceive.
  • Insist on watching if a mechanic must work on your machine, and take notes
    to insure completeness.
  • Buy a bottle of touch-up paint with your new machine and have custom paint
    quotes, just in case.
  • Wear a white dust coat with a BMW logo on the pocket when performing even
    minor maintenence.
  • Be on a first name basis with someone at either the Berlin or Munich plant.
  • Never, ever street race. However, you may on occasion, put the pass on
    an unbeliever by employing the maneuver that Farina used on Nuvolari at
    Monte Carlo while Nuvolari was on a Manx. This would only be done if it
    could be done well.
  • Change oils and filters far too frequently.
  • Constantly discuss the Earles forks and the earlier frames.
  • Drink only Beck’s beer, from a genuine Bavarian ceramic stein.
  • Look as much like David Niven as possible – at least a moustache.
  • Never blip the throttle while at a stoplight, and certainly never redline
    the machine.
  • Recount to captive audiences your early experiences with BMW when you lived
    in Europe. Mention friends in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Chasseurs
    a Cheval, and the Panzeraufklarungs.
  • Be smug, for you obviously have only the best taste, being born to a higher
    station in life, and own the most prestigious motorcycle, the BMW.

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